The Galactic police forceEdit

The Galactic police force or G.P.F is a universal organization of multiable armies that keep peace in the universe.


About a miliniea ago,the Grox were expanding their starsystems from 1,200 to 2,400,some yet to be taken empires joined together to stop the Grox.They fought untill the Grox had 800 starsystems still owned by them.The empires decided to become a system wide police force.They expanded to nearly 50 starsystems with 25 stations one on each planet.


With the Grox expanded to 2,400 starsystems with 5,000 planets in total,the Grox resistance police force expanded to 3 galaxies but they still couldn't take down the Grox.They will keep peace in other starsystems and galaxies untill they can defeat the Grox for good.


The Galactic police force have different armies.They are listed below.

Planet surface force-They patrol certain planets in suspicious starsystems.They use land,water,and air vechicles.

System wide force-They fly around starsystems and a few planets to make sure anything unsafe doesn't get in.

Galactic police-They are the main army of the Galactic police force.They are galaxy wide and use hightech space shuttles.


Each Galactic police force unit has their own class.They are listed below.

Officer-A beggining class.They are pretty much a basic unit.

Patroling unit-These guys are a basic class.They patrol certain locatations at a certain time.

Soldier-A higher ranked version of an officer.They are hard to beat and are the best unit around.

Comander-The hardest class to get to.There can be only 1 comander(unless you want to be co-comander).

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