The Goldie Species consists of 3 types of them: Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore.


These Dragons, are one of the biggest Epics alterady seen in the Abarius planet. They are generally seen catching fruits from the tall trees. They are the only Epics that can be befriended. This is the most liked type of the Goldie species, as they makes great allies.


Feared by all creatures of Abarius, this creature was created to exterminate the species. They do not let any UFOs cross through Abarius, only their own species. They are generally seen catching poor creatures, and eating them alive. They only don't attack the Herbivore and Omnivore Goldies. This is the most feared type of the Goldie species, as they can kill a creature AND an UFO within seconds.


Main article: The Goldie Empire

This is the only dragon that has suffered of some error in the Cell stage, and became a non-epic. As Epics have a small brain, and normal creatures can have a bigger brain, the Omnivore Goldies managed to evolve to the Tribal Stage. They added the Herbivore and Carnivore Goldies to their Tribal pen, and got Epic eggs, being able to collect massive ammount of eggs. This is the most hated type of the Goldie species, as they make bad rules.

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