The Great Book of Node is an ancient text created even before the Grox had become cyborgs and taken control of the galactic core. It tells of a legendary figure known as Node who became so powerful, he transformed into a god. His power was said to create a powerful artifact that could transform barren planets into thriving, populated worlds. Legend states that he created other artifacts but, because of their potential for epic disaster, scattered them throughout the darkest corners of the galaxy. Where the book came from is a mystery as it bears a language that is barely translatable. Many believe that the book was written by Steve, Others proclaim that Node wrote it himself and that the entire book is exaggerated, either way, the book has become the subject of a joint investigation of the book by many galactic societies.

Chapters and Quotes Edit

This is a list of loose-translations of phrases from the Book of Node.

Chapter of Life Edit

"Before one wages conflict against another, One must realize that all life is precious, therefore, One must be ready for the burden that comes with taking another's life."

Chapter of Peace Edit

"Peace is a very fragile thing. One must do what is possible to preserve this fragile treasure or chaos will reign and destroy the balance of existence."

Chapter of Strength Edit

"Strength is the backbone of life. Without strength, One cannot fight for peace and if One cannot fight for peace, One cannot fight for life. With strength comes the responsibility to defend those with less power."

Chapter of Love Edit

"For those who are fortunate enough to understand the passion of true love, would you be so kind as to give me a lesson?"

Chapter of Chaos Edit

"Chaos is to peace as day is to night. One cannot exist without the other, therefore, chaos is eternal but it can be suppressed to a point of nonrecognition."

Chapter of War Edit

"War, the most despicable invention to come with life. Though war is a travesty upon the universe, It is necessary to defeat those who would dare upset the balance of existence."

Stories Edit

Below is a list of tales, legends, and stories written in the Great Book of Node.

Esprit Edit

"Node was born at the center of the galaxy on the lush world, Esprit, during the most miraculous sunset to ever materialize. He was raised by Esprit itself and was raised off of the land and learned to nurture it as it nurtured him in return."

Node And Spode Edit

"When Node came of age, Esprit granted him a craft to soar the stars. Node left Esprit on a search for the true meaning of life when he met Spode. Spode saw something great in Node and adopted him as his son, infusing Node with his genetic composition. Spode taught Node much about the galaxy until sending Node away and disappearing."

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