The Kubrao
Diet Carnivorous
Personality Playful
Archetype Bard
Current Status Alive, flourishing species
Home World Kubros-4
Home Galaxy Xurtogg

The Kubrao are native creatures to the Xurtogg Galaxy, and were the very first major Grox-like Empire of Xurtogg before the Mrox came to power.

Personailty Edit

The Kubrao are known to have a Grox-like status in the Xurtogg Galaxy, but unlike the Grox, they are in fact very friendly Bards, who often enjoy being social towards others.

History Edit

The Kubrao inherited the centre of the Xurtogg Galaxy for millions of years before the Mrox came to power. For that time, they were a fun loving, Bard empire, throwing parties, allying with other species and watching Science Fiction films. They would stay that way until the Mrox became a Xurtogg superpower.

The Kubrao tried to become friends with the Mrox, but their efforts failed, and the Mrox declared war on the Kubrao. The war went on for centuries, despite significant reluctance to participate by the Kubrao Senate. Eventually the Kubrao lost the war and were forced to leave the Galaxy, while the Mrox dominated all of the Galaxy.

Now with the Mrox extinct, The Kubrao have returned to Xurtogg, and have settled back into their empire. They are now the only superpower in the Xurtogg Galaxy

Kubrao Right Eye Edit

The Kubrao are most known for their right eye, which has a strange tic in it. Kubrao have had this Eye tic gene for millions of years, from when they were still in tribal life

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