The Life of Jaryung is a story being written by 94michael731. It is currently under construction.

Prologue Edit

Nrox Island, home of the Nrox and Red Nail tribes of planet Mauron. It was here that the Nrox species spent their lives gathering food, hunting, and praisning their god Spollu, whilst remaining vigilant against the Mrox, who had developed into a civilised empire. But in Nrox history, there existed one Nrox Tribe male, whose name was Jaryung. He was mostly known for his unique moustache, but would later be known one of the most famous Nrox who ever lived.

Chapter 1- Jaryung as a baby Edit

It all began one dark and quiet night in the Nrox Tribe, as many of the Nrox villagers were sleeping in their cosy huts. Inside one small wooden hut, there was a young baby named Jaryung.

Outside of the hut, there were three old Nrox Shamans roaming the huts, until they reached Jayung's Hut. They entered inside, trying not to make a sound. They inspected the hut until they found the young Jaryung, and they began to worship him. The child's father, who was out shaving his Spoffit out in the cold, dark night, re-entered the Hut to find the Three shamans surrounding his sleeping child. He was startled, and threw away the spoffit wool he had been carrying on his shoulder.

"Oi! What do you three think you're doing?" Demanded Jaryung's Father

"Do not be firghtened; we are three wise Shamans!" explained one of the Shamans. "We were lead to this place by a star!"

"A Star? You must be three of those loony hippy types!"

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