Symbol of the Lupas Empire

The Lupas Empire is a minor power in the milky way galaxy. It spans thirty seven systems. It is known for it's firece warriors, and it's total war tactics. It has three protectorates, which pays a hefty tribute in exchange for protection. The Lupas are also known for their large appitites, and strong ale.

Culture and SocietyEdit


The Lupas Empire is ruled by an elected Magister generalis, or Grand Master. The Grand Master is elected by a grand council, made up of the highest ranking generals, and war hero's. The Grand council has a total of one thousand members. The grandmaster run's all council sessions, and carries a great ammount of power in debates. The Grand council is responsible for almost all decisions of the empire.

Civilians have their own council which is responsible for justice. This is to help balance the power between military and people. They are also responsible for helping decide the empire's budget. They also help civilians feel like they are represented. The Civilian council has a total of one hundred members.?


The Lupas are a very tall, well built species. They are around 7' in height, and weigh on average, 285 pounds. They have a thick hide, and are very fast. They have two tusks which pertrude out of the lower face. The size of the tusks have been declining sharply. This is because they are mostly uneeded. They have two eyes, and have short tounges.?

They are able to stand upright and grasp objects. They have an average sized brain and a short tail. They have large snouts, which were once used for hunting. They do have a language, but translators are needed when communicating with other species. Most of the language is made up of barks, shrieks, grunts, and very crude words. They also communicate with smell.?

Social ClassEdit

Lupas society is driven by duty, honor, and advancment by merit.?

Grand Counciler (The leader of the Lupas)

High Generals (Those who form the council)?

War Heroes (Those who have served the empire with courage and honor)

Generals (Those in charge of fleets and armies)

Other officials (Those in charge of running the empire)

Working Class (Anyone from miners and merchants, to scientists and police)

Outcasts (Those who have discraced the empire)

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