The Mer-Mrox

The Mer-Mrox

The Mer-Mrox are a species origniating from the Mrox, who inhabit the oceans of Mauron.

History Edit

The Mer-Mrox originated from the Mrox species following a rise in population of the Mrox species. Mer-Mrox were initially Mrox who had to migrate to the sea to find food sources, like fish. this change of environment had a significant impact on these Mrox; they began to grow gills on their necks, and their hand and feet became webbed to swim more easily through the water. on top of that, their skin changed from a Bright red colour to a more deep-sea blue colour. This marked the begginning of the Mer-Mrox

Powers and abilities Edit

Having adapted to the sea, the Mer-Mrox have webbed hands and toes, which allow them to swim at super-fast speeds. They also possess good social abilities, like posing and dancing. They can even sprint very fast on land and can jump fairly high. Mer-Mrox can also sneak, but not as good as sprinting and jumping .

because they have gills, Mer-Mrox can breathe underwater. they can breathe air like the Mrox, but not as good as water.

Habitat Edit

Mer-Mrox inhabit the bottom of the ocean

Taxonomy Edit

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Synapsida

Order: Therapsida

Family: Groxidae

Genus: Naturalisae

Species: Naturalisae mermanus

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