After the fall of the Hunre Empire, called the The Hunre Revolt, The Hunre Resistance took over and reformed over half of it. That half was reformed into The New Hunre Republic. The other half is called The New Hunre Crown and tried to restore the old empire. After a brief conflict with the two successors to the old empire, The New Hunre Republic defeated The New Hunre Crown.

Flag: Phoenix with Axe

Goverment: Dictatorship

Last Dictator: Yiu' Re Uid

Planets: 0 (highest extent: 7)

Citizens: 4000

Soldiers: 2000


The New Hunre Crown is aggressive though not as much as its predecessor. They have a moderate fleet for a small empire.


The New Hunre Crown has various amounts of starships.

10 Medium Spice Transports

5 Cargo Ships

50 Fighters

30 Bombers

5 Frigates

3 Destroyers

1 Battlecruiser

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