After the fall of the Hunre Empire, called the The Hunre Revolt, The Hunre Resistance took over and reformed over half of it. It reformed the old Empire into a Democratic Republic. The other half became a dictatorship known as The New Hunre Crown.

Flag: Dove with money behind it.

Goverment: Senatorial Republic

Head Senator: To be elected

Planets: 12

Citizens: 7000

Soldiers: 500


The New Hunre Republic strives to be peaceful, so in result has little military personal, mostly for self-defense before its allies arrive.


To help manage trade routes in the Karnasaur Alliance, The New Hunre Republic has many non-military vessels, and a few military ships.

15 Small Spice Transports

7 Large Spice Transports

17 Cargo Ships

10 Fighters

3 Bombers

1 Frigate

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