The Nrox

The Nrox

The Nrox are an extinct species from Planet Mauron. they were a species that were around at the same time the Mrox were, but became extinct by the Mrox

History Edit

The Nrox were active on Mauron until driven to extinction during late tribal life. they were a species that originated from the Mro creature, as did the Mrox and Mer-Mrox. They were the very first species to achieve sentience on Mauron, and so they made tools much more faster than the Mrox did. The Nrox were mainly active on a continent that they called 'Nrox Island'

When the Mrox became sentient, they stole the Nrox tools and made them more efficient. The Mrox were able to use these new tools to kill off the Nrox and take their lands.

Zealot beliefs Edit

The Nrox were a Zealot tribe in nature, but not worship the Source or Spode. No, they had a polytheistic religion made from many Gods. Their main God was called 'Spollu' who was king of the Gods. The Nrox believed Spollu was a masked creature that originated from space, and he made the Nrox on Mauron. Spollu's mask covered all of his head and it could not be removed by anyone but Spollu; as his face was said to be cursed, and any mortal that saw his face would become undead skeletons doomed to roam the underworld for eternity.

Nrox Groups Edit

The Nrox were seperated into two tribes on Nrox Island; A peaceful tribe just known as the 'Nrox Tribe', and a more Brutal one, called the 'Red Nail' Tribe

Taxonomy Edit

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Synapsida

Order: Therapsida

Family: Groxidae

Genus: Naturalisae

Species: Naturalisae neanderthalensis

Trivia Edit

  • The Nrox are based on the Neanderthals , as you can see by the species' taxonomic name above

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