The Pholan Alliance was an alliance of various empires whose sole purpose was to eliminate the Kascn. Formed shortly after the Central War, it included species such as the Tark, Graamross, and Elgeon, all victims of the tyrrany of the Kascn Empire. The alliance launched several small attacks on the Kascn, most of them faliures, and attempted one attack that could have finished them off, had it not been for the highly philosophical Tark agents dropping out at the last moment to search for a "secret weapon" in the Galactic Core. The attack obviously failed, but a year later, a ship they would later learn belonged to the Xarn emerged from the Core. The Tark scouts were nowhere to be seen.

Branches of the Alliance included Engineering, Strategy, Accounting, and even Arts. The Alliance continued to exist long after the Kascn were defeated, and became an organization focused more on instruction in the different branches its members once pursued.

It is tradition for the Alliance to have two leaders. The first two were Commanders Jophes and Panian, the brave Commanders who led the Pholan forces into battle during the first offensive operation during the Battle of Lygena-2, and many other lesser known wars as well. There have been hundreds of leaders since then. Originally this tradition was just to honor the two commanders' legacy, but it led to more effective action due to the introduction of two opposing standpoints.

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