The Pholan Empire was a small, peaceful Empire consisting only of one planet: the lush Lygena-2. Due to its plentiful resources, it attracted the attention of the violent Dylise Empire, who saw the Pholan as an easy target. They launched an attack, plunging both empires into the Battle of Lygena-2, really a small war.

The Pholan as a species evolved quickly, becoming capable of space travel in only a few billion years. They have human-like hands and feet, ridged eyebrows, a ridged crest going doing their necks, an pig-like snout and tusks. They are greyish-green in color with yellow patches at the joints.

The primary form of space travel for the Pholan is the Arrow Ship. It is shaped, obviously, somewhat like an arrow. At the start of the Battle of Lygena-2, these were mounted with weapons to aid in the defence of the planet, becoming military ships rather than their previous designation of exploratory. Now called Arrow Fighters, these ships were the first line of defence for Lygena-2.

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