• Name:Pirak Empire
  • Classification:Anphibious race
  • Species:Piracae Pescos
  • Home world:Oceanus

animal Pirak


A highly adaptable species.They are common amphibian reletives of the salamander.Some theorize that they may be related to the piranha. The Pirack reproduces sexually and produces sea green eggs.It's natural habitat is at the river bottom on it's home planet Oceanus.They have a diet of smaller fish and ocasionaly seaweed.Their main method of hunting is to fire a poisonous substance from an organ in it's throught called a Sydia.They uses thier web like apendeges to swim.The fins on it's cheeks are a method of propulsion.Several inturnal lung like organs pump water through these adaptations.This not only helps the creature a speedy chase but the Pirak uses it to atrack mates.

History Tribal Edit

Pirak (1)

early tribal Pirak

Pirak (2)

late tribal

They started in small group of 5 or six.They fed on meat from local animals.They interacted with the first two tribes the blue and green.However when they went to meet with a red tribe they droped their farming tools and went to war.After at least 12 years at war the red tribe was driven to extinction.Durring that time they made advancements earning and making fishing toools and throwing spears.They prospered far enough they added improve it's lifestyle by alieing with the pink,yellow and pink tribes.

History CivilizationEdit

Pirak (3)

civilized Pirak

As Civilized beings they turned into a monopoly like civilization.They bought out have the planet in three centuries. Unfortunutly they turned violent when one of their alies back stabbed them.It is unknown what was the name of the opposing race.


They became extremely hostile under a dictatorship under Gorgos the first.They conquered thirty species


List of rulers befor Gorgos the first

Emperor Hivine:First emperor for civilization

Hivine was domestic and started an economic route of trade routes.He had 3 episcs written about him.lived to at least 488 pirakian years.

  • Empress Dalatine:first emperes after Hivine
  • Emperor Hivine the 2nd:emperor during the conquest of the Red Hall-beast nation
  • Emperor Hivine the 3rd
  • Empress Yukali
  • Emperor Hakan
  • Emperor Lorro
  • Emperor Hagni the 1st
  • Emperor Hagni the 2nd
  • Emperor Hagni the 3rd
  • Emperor Hagni the 4th
  • Emperor Naganus:
  • Emperor Gorgos the 1st

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