Planet of Origin:


Philosphical Ability:

Raider Rally

  • Carnivore
  • Predator
  • Aggressive
  • Military
Favoured Weapon:

Flaming Torch
Favoured Instrument:



  • Interstellar Drive 5
  • SETI
  • Scanner
  • Radar
  • Abduction Beam
  • Laser
  • Proton Missile
  • Colony Constructor
  • Colony Expansion Tools
  • Seismic Tools
  • Terraforming Tools
  • Hologram Scout
  • Uber Turret
  • Pulse Wave
  • Auto Blaster
  • Space Bomb
  • Anti-Matter Burst
  • Planet Boiler
  • Pulse Wave
  • Cloaking Device
  • Species Eradicator
  • Creature Tweaker
  • Hyper Coil
  • Hyper Coil Tunnel

The Proetar.


The Proetar in its Tribal Outfit.


The Proetar in its Civilisation Outfit.


The Proetar in its Space Outfit.

The Proetarien Empire is not native to The Roargana Cluster and came the the Cluster by use of a Hyper Coil. The Proetarien Empire despises other lifeforms and have been found to be similiar to the Grox (The Proetarien Empire hates the Grox as much as any other empire). They are at war with all the Space-Capable Civilisations of the Roargana Cluster and other Civilisations not found in the Roargana Cluster.

When the Proetarien Empire finds a planet beneath Space-Capability they will demand to be worshipped by the Species through use of a Hologram scout, if the Species refuses they will be fired upon by the Proetar UFO. The Proetarien Empire is an ancient race that gained Sapience at roughly the same time The Consien Kritocracy did, in fact the Proetarien and Consien Civilisations are sometime said to be mirrors of each other, with the Consiands preferring to create alliances and seperate themselves from technology, while the Proetars attempt to destroy and rule the area of space their in while trying to build more sophisticated machines to house their Biological Base structure. The Proetars hate their physical forms and try to seperate their consciousness from their bodies through use of technology.




  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Sauropsida
  • Order: Homosauria
  • Family: Nessunosauridae
  • Genus: ???
  • Species: ??? ???


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