I am the traveler. I'm starting to start to tell storys from beyond time, and space. I have talked to otherworldly creatures, even went to the afterlife once or twice. I will tell many tales, but I must tell the where it all began.

I was a younger lad when I went on my adventures. I was a cadet at that time for a now dead empire. The Grox attacked, destroy my home, family, friends, even the planet. I started to travel around the universe to find new things. My story started when I crashed into a older planet, between tribal, and civil. The creatures there were kind. They gave me a room for the night, feed my a grand feast, and greatest of all told tales. Some tales envoled a god named Spode.

Spode. I head that name before. I still don't know how it reached this part of the galaxy. After a year or so, I was ready to leave, when a few good men asked to join me on my new adventures. The crew were great men, and women, but they would soon put me in danger.

I'll tell more on my next report.

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