The Universe is collectively all that exists, will exist and have existed. It is a broad terms to refer to all stars, planets, galaxies and all dimensions. Parallel dimensions, which are formed when the Time takes separate routes, may also go by the name of universe (not to be confused with the term that means everything).

In SporeFanFicEdit

The universe is composed of infinitely many dimensions, one with a different possibility. These parallel dimensions (or alternate universes) may differ as little as an individual performing an action, or how life in a galaxy evolves. Between these dimensions is a white void called the Interdimensional Void which holds them together. In the interdimensional void, absolutely nothing is said to exist, yet the place can still be visited.

At the heart of the Interdimensional Void lies an even stranger location: the Home Dimension. The Home Dimension is a compressed version of the whole universe on one endless scape of floating islands with paradoxical geography such as snow right next to lava.

It is possibly to travel between dimensions via wormholes or other distortions in space. However, to access places such as the Home Dimension or the Interdimensional Void, very precise calculations must be made.

List of known dimensionsEdit

Dimensions go by many names: universe, timeline etc. The terms may be used interchangably. A dimension is created when the timeline splits causing a different chain of events. Each dimension is different from the others.

Feel free to add to this list.

Omni Dimension - The dimension where the Omni once had a galaxy-wide empire. The Galactic Senate rose in its place as the most powerful political force. Most fiction on this site takes place here including the Dhragolon, Eteno and the Karnasaur.

Kray's Dimension - A small dimension consisting only of a mass of oxygen and nitrogen resembling a planet at a high altitude albeit without ground.

Abandoned Dimension - The most primordial of all dimensions lacking any sort of physics, gravity or atmosphere yet anything can survive in it. It was owned by a Titan slain long ago. The only known entrance to it is a black hole in the Home Dimension.

Home Dimension - The compressed version of every dimension that exists.

Galactic Core Dimension - Also known as Steve's Dimension, it is relatively the same size as Kray's Dimension. The location consists of many flashing light patterns and is said to give strange powers to those who stay in it for a long time.

Sporewiki Dimension - The dimension where all SporeWiki fiction takes place

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