The Third Galactic War is the conclusion to the Fourth Age. After a timeline split, unrest amongst the Galactic Senate grew due to the chaos caused by Altus Infra. Queen Rustiagon Kalya seeked to attack Eteno colonies, but the Dhragolon heavily disagreed with each other. Thus, the Dhragolon were locked in their own civil war. At the same time, other empires had their own conflicts and had their civil wars as well.

The Eteno Imperial Triumvirate, overextended and dealing with a free-falling economy no longer fueled by constant conquest, splintered into hundreds of small factions, each gobbling up as much of the once-great Imperial Armed Forces as they could. These factions eventually all but annihilated each other, with only two factions remaining. Both allied with Queen Rustiagon Kalya's enemies, and joined the Dhragolon's civil war. Again, the EIT was ravaged by conflict, with the last vestiges of the EIT's imperial might ground into oblivion. Survivors scattered themselves across the galaxy, forming small enclaves where the tales of invincible armies and fleets reigning over tens of thousands of systems survived. Some Eteno chose to join up with the last Dhragolon, desperate to leave behind the shattered Milky Way.

Although it was foretold that such chaos would awaken the Titan Vernietigen, such was not the case. The war ended prematurely when the Senate races had finally realized what they had done. They had destroyed themselves. The surviving Dhragolon, never again wanting to pose a risk to all life in the Milky Way galaxy, embarked on a voyage to the Andromeda Galaxy to begin a new life. The fate of the other Senate races is currently unknown.

However, this was not the end, but merely a new beginning. Since the Galaxy was now a clean slate, new empires had the oppurtunity to rise from the ashes.

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