Average Orbital Distance:

0.84 AU
Orbital Period:

Orbital Speed:

Natural Satellites:

Equatorial Circumference:

34,341.82 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity:

0.857 g
Escape Velocity:

9.615 km/s
Rotational Period:

Axial Tilt:


Minimum Surface Temperature:

Mean Surface Temperature:

Maximum Surface Temperature:

Seasonal Temperature Variation:

Water Percentage:

Atmospheric Composition:

  • N- 83.6%
  • O- 11.7%
  • Ar- 4.5%
  • CO2- 0.01%
  • ???- 0.19%
Average Crust Composition:

  • O- 33.1%
  • Si- 21.5%
  • Al- 2.3%
  • Fe- 13.2%
  • Mg- 0.9%
  • Ca- 2.5%
  • Na- 5.2%
  • K- 3.6%
  • Ti- 0.4%
  • Ni- 0.2%
  • S- 15.9%
  • Co- 1.2%

Thury is the 3rd planet in the Klydell system. Thury has a grade-1 Terrascore, and currently holds 3 native living species and 5 native extinct species. The Mountain Range extending from the equator to the northern pole was the result of a Seismic Tool being prematurely dropped from a Science Vessel, the river nearby was also formed as a result of the seismic uplift. The Wildlife Sanctuary Control Center is found east of the Mountain Range, nearby the crashed alien vessel. The Sanctuary contains all creatures currently existing on Roargan and serves as a 'Bio-Copy'. The Control Center also functions as a research facility for the Alien Vessel.

Flora: Thurakab Thurakob Thurakib
Fauna: Thurak Endoworm Thuraworm

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