(This is a page that anyone can add to, but please do not remove things other people have written. Due to the nature of the Titans, what is written here may seem to contradict itself, but because of the Titans being 6 dimensional beings, it actually does not) The Titans are the oldest race in the entirety of existence. They are a race of gods, divine beings responsible for the creation of everything in the universe that existed in the beginning when they were created by the Titan King, I, along with the expanse of the universe. They are 6 dimensional beings with the ability to traverse dimensions as easily as one can walk from corner of a room to the other. Many of the Titans are now far spread from one another, and coming across one of them would be extraordinarily rare; but their cities, weapons, ships, technology, and all the other remnants of their existence remain, hidden, completely undetectable by anyone without their own Titan technology.

The BeginningEdit

The AncientsEdit

Many Titans posses the ability to grant the gift of eternal life to mortals. These psuedo mortals normally keep to the sides of whichever Titan granted them this gift, or at least remain in a Titan city where the gift was granted. A fair amount however wander the universe, exploring all that it has to offer. While they cannot die of dissease, poisen, starvation, or of any other natural ailments, they can be killed, and they are much safer to remain in the presense of a friendly Titan. Some of these psuedo mortals include a group that the Guardians of Secrets have dubbed, the Ancients.

The Ancients are psuedo mortals that lived in the Old Age of the Titans, and witnessed the creation of a larger portion of the universe. Many of the Ancients have so much experience, that they are almost as powerful as the Titans themselves, and few have even gone to create thriving life on various planets. Unlike Titan technology, however, artifacts created by the Ancients tends to get lost and winds up the hands of mortals; though not nearly as powerful as their Titan counterparts, these artifacts give mortal races a vast advantage over one another, though most of the time, it's pirates who control these powerful artifacts.

Many Ancients prefer to let the universe run it's own course, but when the balance of things that they have set up is being threatened, they won't hesitate to intervene and aide their mortal allies in war. This is when most of their lost artifacts find mortal hands; some Ancients will bring mortals they choose powerful weapons to empower them against their enemies.

It is commonly believed that the Omni were the most predominant of Ancients, having created many artifacts and technologies which many modern races use today including powerful empires such as the Dhragolon. In fact, the terms Omni and Ancient are often erroneously used interchangeably as it is more than likely that the Omni were not the only Ancients.

Titan CitiesEdit

As time goes one, the Titans seem fewer and fewer, never increasing in number in a rapidly expanding universe. There was a time when the inverse was smaller, before much of its expansion began, where the Titans created whole galaxies, designing them and all within them, building massive cities where they lived together in great numbers along with their earliest living creations. Many of these ancient cities are hidden on non valuable planets, or burried beneath the surface of larger ones.


The former capital city of the Titans, Arckadium was built on the largest planet in the universe, now called Arckas, which was also designed, piece by piece, by the Titans. The city of Arckadium was nearly the size of the continent of Australia, and formely existed on the planet's sruface, as an Island in what is now called the Crystal City Harbor. Once the Titans thinned out, and inteligent life was set up to flourish on its own, the city was taken and hidden within the planet, deep within Mt. Arterius.


While in the universes of the Spore Fanfictions, Jerusalem is empty, it's the city described in the Book of Revelation. Jerusalem is located on a partially desert, partially volcanic planet. It's a sanctuary in an apocalyptic wasteland filled with its own food, water, and atmosphere. The city of Jerusalem is the newest city of the Titans, and is a place where the Guardians of Secrets and many of the Ancients go for rest. It's walls, gates, and floors are protected with Titanic symbols that literally prevent the mind from becoming hostile and keeps only pure thoughts abound. It is also protected by a massive "magical" barrier that wards away any enemies. Jerusalem is practically invulnerable, and is meant to stand as a sanctuary where people from all sides of any conflict can come together in peace. The location of the city is only known by the Ancients and the Titans; mortals and psuedo mortals cannot reach it without the assistence of iether of them.


Babel was originally meant to be a recurring design in many of the Ancients' cities. The city is composed of a vast fertile landscape with few houses surrounding a single collosal tower where all of the functional parts of the city and most of the housing lies. While there are several cities built by the Ancients that copy this design, most of them are destroyed; many of which were destroyed by Titans who disliked the idea of Ancients becoming as powerful as the Titans themselves. Babel itself still exists, and is the home to quite a few of the Ancients as well as many psuedo mortals.

Val HalaEdit

Val Hala is a city located in mid space on a giant floating continent near the center of the galaxy. The once mythical afterlife of norse mythos, Val Hala was once home to several Titans and thousands of Ancients. It is still populated by the resurrected souls of warriors who died bearing arms, who were raised and made psuedo mortal in this city by the Ancients who served the Titans that once lived there. While many Ancients still call Val Hala home, most of them have moved on to venture other parts of the universe. If any mortal enters Val Hala that wasn't initially meant to be there, they would come under attack by hordes of undying vikings.

The UnderworldEdit

The Underworld was created by the Titan called Hades. This city lies underground on an unknown planet somewhere off the edge of the galaxy. It is home to millions of souls who were taken up by Hades in a war against other Titans many thousands of years ago. Before the war, Hades had his power revoked by the Titan King. Harnesing mortal souls is one way Ancients can collect power, and with the millions of souls at Hades disposal, he led a massive campaign against his former brethren, only to be ultimately defeated and cast out of existence. The city still remains and the millions of lost and wandering souls lie there forever. The Underworld is still home to hundreds of races of demons created by Hades, and is also home to a few Ancients who still wander the cavernous deeps.


Home of the greatest Necromancers ever to live, Necropolis is a huge city surrounding a massive citadel where a Titan of undeath, name Necros, lives. Necropolis is surrounded by a barrier of invisibility that cloaks the city completely from all mortal sensory. Both Ancients of undeath, and undead Ancients walk the city streets, along with various other undead minions that powerful Necromancers have raised and brought here. The Boneyard Necromancers, as they call themselves, have waged brutal and merciless wars of genocide against civilaztions across the universe, collecting more undead hordes to act on their behalf. They are unfriendly towards all peoples and avoid communications most of the time. The Boneyard Necromancers aren't much more powerful than most mortal civilizations, but with technology and divine powers that their victims can never understand, they usually render their opponents helpless with weapons they cannot defend against.


Nazaru was one of the oldest Titan cities being built out of stone. The city itself was built on planet Alk'charis to model the design of Babel - however, it nearly covered the entire planet. Later, the planet was hit by an enormous solar flare millions of years ago which turned Alk'charis into a wasteland, and life was almost completely extinct. Most structures were either left in ruins or buried in sand. Somewhere within these badlands are the Great Towers of Nazaru, a set of gigantic towers each about one mile tall yet the constant electrical storms makes them difficult for even the most advanced ships to find. What makes Nazaru rather interesting is that even though it followed the Babel design, multiple towers were used as the population of the native species has begun to explode. Nazaru is also notable for being located in a rather unstable region of space; the Titan Uszaroth was actually summoned in modern times in a temple that is now currenlty underground.

Titanic Monuments/LandmarksEdit


The "Tree of the Universe" is located in Val Hala, and is nearly as large as the Earth. The tree was once believed to be the make-up of the entire universe, and is an object of great significance to the vikings in Val Hala.

Mt. ArteriusEdit

The largest mountain in the universe is located on the planet Arckas, and within its stones lies the lost capital city of the Titans, Arckadium. Mt. Arterius is as tall as the Earth is thick, and supports an ecosystem to rival that of many of the most life filled planets. It is theorized that the core of Arterius is where the Titans stored their most precious ores, the kind used to create their most valuable metals. It's original name is lost in time, but its modern name was given in honor of Grand Admiral Arterius Arckas of the Great Horned Dragon Empire.

Cathedral of the Old RealmEdit

The Cathedral of the Old Realm is the single oldest Titan construct existing long before the current universe came into existence. It's interiors are the last remaining objects that physically exist in the old universe before it was destroyed by Vernietigen. The Titan named Dominion currently looks after it as a reminder to the other Titans of what happens if the universe gets destroyed.

It is widely believed that this cathedral was the former place of worship of the Ancients. Nearly every Titan is depicted on a stained glass window, the strongest ones being depicted in the main hallway while the "I' appears as a statue in the main altar. Only the main chapel still exists though Dominion has the power to create more rooms. However, Dominion was told to never build beyond the cathedral itself as that would defeat his purpose.

Titan Technology and ResoursesEdit

Titan WeaponsEdit

Aurora CannonEdit

The Aurora Cannon is a large barrel shaped weapon with an inner layer of 2 inch thick Prismatic Metal and an outer layer of 5 inch thick starforged steel. Up to 10 of them can be powered by a single, modified core matter reacotor. They can fire a single surge of ungodly dense photon waves once every quarter of a second, and take hours of firing before the starforged steel overheats and risks melting. Each blast is capable of utterly anihilating up to 5 cubic feet of reinforced steel (4 cubic inches of starforged steel).

Aurora Chain CannonEdit

The Aurara Chain Cannon is a very large barrel shaped weapon that fits onto large spacecraft. It is composed of a single large barrel with several smaller barrels within. Each smaller barrel is about 15 feet in length, and composed of 3 inches of starforged steel on the outside, and a thin, 1 inch layer of Prismatic metal on the inside. The outer barrel is constructed of 10 inch thick starforged steel. The power source of the weapon is a small core matter reactor tailored to supply energy for only one of the smaller barrels at a time. The weapon itself is light based, but not polarized like a laser; surges of ungodly dense photon waves blast through the small barrels in turn, unleashing a devasting, and very colorful attack on an enemy. The weapon is capable of firing nonstop for hours on in before the outer layers of the small barrels overheat and risk melting. Each blast is capable of utterly anihilating up to 5 cubic feet of reinforced steel (4 cubic inches of starforged steel).

Stellar Plasma ArcEdit

Using magnetism, this weapon, powered by a large modified core matter reactor, guides a plasma arc to target multiple enemies, the temperature of which matches that of blue and white dwarf stars. The generator for these potentially apocalyptic weapons is a vacuum cyndrical chamber 25 feet deep and a 7.5 foot radius made of 10 inch thick Prismatic Metal infused with Life Timber. A single crack in the chamber's design could cause the complete destruction of the vessel carrying it. The damage of this weapon is immeasurable, and the heat alone is capable of igniting many planets' atmospheres, causing the instantaneous end to all life on any planet unfortante enough to be hit. It can only be fired once every 24 hours, as every time it fires, the chamber receives a significant amount of damage, and needs time to cool and heal. Because of this, the weapon is widely used as a last resort.


Starbolts are an ammunition based weapon. The rounds are vacuum chambers ranging anywhere from the size of a pen cap to the size of a minivan. The chambers work in much the same way as the stellar plasma chambers, except instead of being powered by a core matter reactor, they are fueled by a fusion reaction within each round. The chambers become small stars once fired from a much larger barrel, and while not burning as hot as a blue dwarf, still burn extremely hot, and are known to pierce right through 4 feet of reinforced steel (3.2 inches of starforged steel), and 80% of the time explode as micro supernovas when they die. As an ammunition based weapon, they can fire as fast as the weapon they are being fired from. In addition to being ammunition based, some Titan technology allows those blessed by the Titans or Ancients (IE, bearing the appropriate symbols for safety purposes) to generate starbolts without ammunition at all, simply by lifting their hands up and thinking it.


Titanites is the name given by mortals to a superweapon that some Titans have crafted and granted to Ancients, Psuedo Mortals, and mortals alike. They are essentially any variation of nanite technology so small that the resulting equipment appears to simply be a magical, liquid metal. The nanites are specifically linked to a single individual's mind, and can be controled as an extension of such. They are capable of duplicating themselves out of seemingly nothing, and rearranging themselves into any shape the owner wills, and in some cases they have preprogrammed capabilities and functions that exist before their user comes up with anything to do with them. They are capable of transcending energy and matter, bouncing back and forth between controled energy and matter at the user's will, and even disappearing completely, and achieving perfect invisibility. The nanites, being robots, require no strength of any kind to carry, as they hold themselves up and are self propelled using a variety of energy. In addition to being the tools that turn mere mortals into truly powerful angels and demons serving Titans, they can also change their appearance, and are capable of altering the biological makeup of one's body, changing the user's appearance as well. The most common gifting of such a weapon from a Titan has been to make "Angels." Mortal humans were granted a small drop of the Titanites which then were preprogrammed to become wings, and a halo. After centuries of using this technology, these "Angels" formed their own race, and now exist as the Seraphim Empire; controlling only a single planet, by all technicality, they are Ancients. The first of the Titanite variations is unknown, however the capability to produce this well kept secret super weapon is only known by a handful of Titans, and all but 2 are alligned good.

"Death Orbs"Edit

No one is quite sure what it is or how it works, but anyone who has seen it in action is absolutely sure that the Titans who harness this power are not the kind to be fucked with. The weapons are stored within some form of hibernatve state, that once opened, activates the weapon. They look like "glass orbs with bright lights swirling around inside," as some witnesses describe; once released, they seemingly float from their containment, and fight on the side of whoever activated them. They hover towards enemies and fly through shields, armor, weapon fire and, without causing any damage to themselves, spontaneously begin releasing shockwaves with the explosive force of over 100,000's of tons of TNT in very controlled areas so as not to harm allied units. They will continue swarming through enemy units and fleets until there are none left. Thankfully, the few Titans who have constructed this weapon or have it in their possession are generally apathetic to the goings ons of mere mortals, psuedo mortals, and all but a few of the most powerful ancients.

Thermoplasmatic ShieldsEdit

Thermoplasmatic energy shields are essentially a bubbles composed of a very thin layer of ionized gasses controlled using magnetism, that wrap around ships of any size. When any form of energy passes through the ionized gasses, the energy ignites the volatile mixture of gasses, causing them to become plasma nearly instantly. The shields absorb different amounts of energy depending on the type of energy: electrical energy is 100% absorbed, heat energy is 90% absorbed, kinetic energy is 80% absorbed. The shields are practically impenetrable, and require no extra energy source besides the magnetism. Energy based weapons are nearly completely absorbed into the shield, which ultimately strengthens the shield by igniting more of the ionized gasses, the small fraction that passes the shields is normally innefective against Titanic metal alloys. Missiles and projectile weapons are slowed down dramatically, and any computerized targeting systems are wiped by the shields when they pass through; many times, a missile's warhead can no longer even be triggered. While mortal weapons often have little to no effect on ships protected by these shields, Titan weapons are generally much more powerful; weapons like the aurora cannon can effectively deal damage after passing through the shields. One of the only ways to quickly destroy a vessel guarded by these shields is to crash into it, as a large enough object will still have a great deal of momentum after passing through its shields. Other effective weapons include hypervelocity guns: weapons that are capable of firing a projectile many times the speed of sound.

The Intergalactic Gateway, AKA: The Stone RingEdit

Intergalactic Gateway (Titanic)

Intergalactic Gateway (Titanic)

The Intergalactic Gateway is a massive Titan ship like structure that, when activated, creates a wormhole the jumps to any given destination. The only known Gateway travels from the home galaxy of the Great Horned Dragon Empire, and opens up in deep space, relatively close to the Kelebus system in the home galaxy of the Titans themselves. Two way travel through the wormhole is achievable, but not at the same time. The origin of the Intergalactic Gateway is unknown; though it is theorized that it was constructed for psuedo mortals and mortals who worshiped any given Titan, so that they could travel easily to the Titan capital city from distances that would take thousands of years to travel at the speed of light.

Titan MetalsEdit

Starforged MetalsEdit

Starforged metals are natural metals forged in perfect shape and molecular structure by the Titans and some Ancients within stars. Starforged metals can be as much as 15 times as strong as their counterparts, and due too the nature of their forging, can be about 8 times as sharp as obsidian blades. Starforged metals are much denser than their alternately forged counterparts, result in them being nearly 4 times as heavy.

Prismatic MetalEdit

The Titans have forged metals far beyond the strength and resilience of natural materials. One such metal resembles tempered glass in appearance, and refracts light into a rainbow of colors earning it the name Prismatic Metal. Prismatic Metal is not the strongest in the Titan's arsenal, but is still beyond anything mortals can forge. It's nearly 50 times as strong as tempered steel, and can be 10 times as sharp as an obsidian blade; it weighs about 700 punds per cubic foot, and is 30 times as dense as lead. One of the most common metals in the world of the Titans, the Ancients have learned to forge this metal as well.

Lite MetalEdit

Lite Metal is forged with the same minerals as Prismatic Metal, but rather than being forged through traditional methods, Lite Metal is forged through divine power. It can be made about 8 times as strong as Prismatic Metal, being blessed by Titan forgers, Lite Metal wieghs only 250 pounds per cubic foot, and is just as dense as Prismatic Metal. Lite Metal has the appearance of shining bright white light from a silvery surface.

Eternal MetalEdit

Eternal Metal is forged in blazars by Titans, and is one of the rarest of Titan metals. Eternal Metal is nearly 20 times as strong as Prismatic Metal, twice as sharp, and weighs in at about 3 tons per cubic foot. Not even most of the ancients are capable of even lifting a useful sized piece of Eternal Metal for combat. Eternal metal appears to have a perfectly reflecting surface, and due to it's strength is nearly impossible to even scratch. It's said that Titans and some Ancients that use Eternal Metal can see out of it with an exrasensory perception.


The Titans and the Ancients alike that are capable of creating and manipulating life have created natural resourses that far surpass what is found normally. Lifetimber is from a Life Tree and never rots, molds, or decays in any way. Lifetimber continues to live on after being cut away from a Life Tree, but not overgrow and lose its shape. Lifetimber is also much stronger than other woods, and will even heal itself over time. While not the 1st choice for combat, Lifetimber is the substance of choice for the more pacifistic of Ancients, being alive, it is thought to provide additonal energies to their wielders.

Life FruitEdit

The Life Fruit comes from a Tree of Life, and effective turns whoever eats it into a psuedo mortal, unaffected by age, illness, or hunger. The fruit also causes rapid regeneration and healing to the wounded.

Genetic ReconstructionEdit

The Titans, being the creators of all life in the universe, have the inherent ability to modify life as they see fit. By examining this process over thousands upon thousands of years, a few of the Ancients were able to immitate this process, and even create ways for lesser beings to emulate this process using their technology. The process is much morre dificult, and requires a lot more work when using Titan technology rather than having such a great power yourself however. This is one of the few Titan technologies that mortals have actually begun to take steps towards on their own.


Infusions are extra modifications to Titan technology that give the object additional functional aspects. They can come in the form of reforging, or in the form of a divine blessing. Objects are reforged with special artifacts with divine properties within them, giving the object additional power. While many times, objects are infused with unique artifacts; however there are a few divine objects that are either many pieces of a whole, or are more common than others, and they are as follows:

  • Light Shards: Shards of silvery-white light that come from the remains of a light-shard type Titan such as Na'zrah. These shards of light can have various effects depending on the Titan they come from; for example, one coming from Na'zrah would have an effect similar to the Symbol of Na'zrah (see below).
  • Necromancer's Bones: Necromancers are either psuedo mortals or Ancients who have by some method or another found the ability to raise and control the dead. A necromancer's bones infused into an object can grant the abilities of the necromancer they come from, and the soul of the necromancer will live within the object they are infused in to, and they can gain the ability to communicate with the object's wielder. Once the necromancer is infused into an object, they cannot be infused into another unless that object is destroyed.
  • Warlock's Bones: Much like necromancers, warlocks are either psuedo mortals or Ancients; however, they posses the ability to communicate with demonic forces that are either the more evil alligned Ancients or Titans. They are so powerful that they have even gained the ability to summon said demons wherever they are. Such abilities are usually granted by a demonic Titan that becomes their master. Infusing a Warlock's bones into an object will bind the soul of the warlock to that object. Unlike the case with necromancers, the warlock will usually not side with the object's wielder and bring about pain and misery to whoever wields their object by constantly plagueing them with curses.
  • Lifetimber: Infusing lifetimber into an object will give the object a life of its own; allowing the object to choose whether or not to serve its wielder. The object will also regenerate itself, and any wielder it favors.
  • The Eye of an Ancient or a Titan: If an Ancient or a Titan reforges an object with their own eye, they can become permanently linked to the object, able to see whatever the wielder sees, and communicate with them telepathically.

Titan SymbolsEdit

Objects with a Titan Symbol on them are thought to be blessed or cursed by whichever Titan marked it. A Titan Symbol is a mark that a Titan places on something that infuses a small piece of the Titan's power to the object. Ancients are also capable of infusing their power to innanimate objects in the same method, though unlike Titans, they must be careful as they don't have an unlimited supply of power to draw from. The Titan Symbols can do just about anything, but some of the more common ones are listed:

  • Symbol of Divinity: Causes whoever wields this object to become invulnerable to any mortal weapon.
  • Symbol of Life: Causes whoever wields this object to become unnaffected by aging, dissease, or hunger, essentially making them a psuedo-mortal.
  • Symbol of Harmony: Causes whoever wields this object to become locked in a state of harmony, unable to feel anger, rage, or any negative emotions.
  • Symbol of Chaos: Causes whoever wields this object to only be able to experience rage, anger, and other negative emotions.
  • Symbol of Order: Causes whoever wields this object to become level headed, and balanced in emotions.
  • Symbol of the Peacemaker: Causes whoever wields this object to become more influencial when tring to bring calmness and peace to any situation.
  • Symbol of the Warmaker: Causes whoever wields this object to become hated by all who see them, and inspires hatred within the objects weilder.
  • Symbol of Na'zrah: Causes whoever wields this object to become a figure of hope, and whoever is an ally of the wielder will be unable to become hopeless, pessimistic, or fearful.
  • Symbol of Necros: Causes whoever wields this object to gain the ability to raise and control the dead, making them a Necromancer.
  • Symbol of Kings: Causes whoever wields this object to attract the attention of others, and causes all who see him to become inspired by good leadership; but at the same time, poor leadership will inspire the same people to become hostile.
  • Symbol of Heroism: Causes whoever wields this object to develop astounding bravery, and an undeniable urge to protect and serve their allies.
  • Symbol of Altruism: Boosts the morals of the user, and cuases the wielder great grief and self-hatred when the user performs any action that is less than heroic. The Symbol of Altruism can only be used on those who are at least nuetral on the scale of good and evil, and has no effect on those who have an evil soul to begin with. When combined with a Symbol of Truth, the wielder of the object can never tell a lie, no matter how small it is.
  • Symbol of Truth: Causes whoever wields this object to be able to see through anyone's lies, allowing the truth to become instantly clear whenever they are being decieved.
  • Symbol of Sin: Causes the wielder to become lust bound to immorality of all kinds. While the wielder isn't necessarily turned evil, over time, the user may become mentally, and even physically dependant on their own lusts. The effects increase over time.
  • Symbol of Luck: Ensures that whoever wields the object will never fail in their endeavors, as long as there is an aspect of chance in those endeavors. A Symbol of Altruism or a Symbol of Truth will reverse the effects of a Symbol of Luck when it used for personal gain.
  • Symbol of the Soul Stealer: Causes whoever wields this object is bound to it, and whoever is killed by them has their soul taken and bound to the object; if the wielder does not collect more souls, the object will eventually eat them away until they die.
  • Symbol of the Path Finder: Causes whoever wields this object to have a keen sense of direction, keeping them from ever becoming lost or disoriented.
  • Symbol of the Pace Maker: Causes whoever wields this object to have perfect timing in both reflexes and mental processes.
  • Symbol of Wisdom: Causes whoever wields this object to become incredibly wise.
  • Symbol of Strength: Causes whoever wields this object to become much stronger, normally for mortals to allow them to lift and use Titan metals.
  • Symbol of Agility: Causes whoever wields this object to become far more agile, increasing reflexes and overall speed.
  • Symbol of Knowledge: Causes whoever wields this object to gain near-infinite knowledge for as long as the object is held.
  • Symbol of Shadow: Causes whoever wields this object to become one with the shadows, essentially becoming the embodiment of stealth.
  • Elemental Symbols: These can have various affects on objects. An elemental Symbol of Fire for example can cause the wielder of the object, or the object itself, to become surrounded in a living flame that only affects the wielders enemy, as well as granting the user some ability to control flames.

Legendary Titan ArtifactsEdit

Among the Titan technology there are some artifacts which have become legendary. These artifacts include the weapons and armor of fallen Titans, things created by Titans and Ancients that were granted to mortals and psuedo mortals, objects created and infused with the souls of Ancients or even of Titans, and so forth.

The Sword of 1000 LightsEdit

The Sword of 1000 Lights is one of the most powerful artifacts in existence. It is made of Eternal metal with a Lifetimber core. The blade bears a Symbol of Strength, a Symbol of Agility, and is infused, supposedly, with the light shards from 1000 different Titans, granting the sword and its wielder untold numerous powers. The location of the sword is highly disputed, and only even a few select Titans even know of its very existence. It is rumored to be one of the few weapons strong enough to actually kill a Titan: not just killing a Titan's avatar in a particular universe, but actually destroying it and removing it from existence.

The Dream ShardsEdit

The Dream Shards are said to be pieces of the very first thing ever created by the Titan King, "I." It is not quite certain what exactly the original piece was or what it looked like; but it is theorized by some of the wisest of Ancients and oldest of Titans to have been some sort of object that existed in all 6 dimensions simultaneously, and that percieving any kind of actual shape would be impossible due its very nature. Dream Shards seem to appear at random, and vanish unexpectedly. They seem to be some kind of connection between different universes, as they move in an odd orbital pattern in 6 dimensions around the origin of all existence, finding themselves only in one particular time and place for what seems like a milisecond. Only the Titans are even capable of percieving what the Dream Shards all look like together on a 6 Dimensional plane of existence. There is said to be trillions upon trillions of these Dream Shards that mortals cannot even see or touch, and mere 1000's that sit still in one timeline. It is theorized that the Dream Shards are the tool that the Titan King uses to interact with his creation on a level that even the Titans cannot possibly understand. Only one thing is certain about their usage by Ancients and mortals, and even Titans; when people find them, very very strange and unpredictable things start to happen. Ancients and mortals who have possessed them have been known to become enlightened, gaining the ability to percieve the universe in 6 dimensions. Such an experience has only ever been described as "like a dream," hence the name, "Dream Shards."

The Scythe of UndeathEdit

A large scythe currently wielded by its creator Necros, the Titan of Undeath. The Scythe is made from Eternal metal; its staff is 70 feet long, and its blade is 30 feet long and seraded on both sides. The hilt of the blade is decorated with a large skull, one of the eyes of which contains an eye of Necros. The blade is decorated with many Titanic Symbols including a Symbol of Chaos, a Symbol of Agility, a Symbol of Strength, and the Symbol of Necros; which allows anyone who wields the Scythe of Undeath to posses the power to raise and control the dead. The Scythe of Undeath is also infused with the Bones of Frostscyll, a dragonoid Ancient, which allows the scythe's wielder to summon the collosal undead Ancient and have complete control over it.

Ring of KnowledgeEdit

The Ring of Knowledge is crafted from gold with traces of prismatic metal and bears the symbol of knowledge. It was crafted by the Titan Kray and according to legend was designed for a Dhragolon named Agnit for a test of will. It is incredibly powerful; when someone puts on the ring, they are granted infinite knowledge for as long as they wear it. Strangely, the ring can fit on anyone. However, wearing the ring for too long will destroy the wearer's self-being leaving them as a soulless husk unable to have emotion. According to Dhragolon legend, Agnit had worn the ring for too long. It was too late before he realized the ring gave infinite knowledge, but he did not have the wisdom to use his knowledge properly. It is said that after Agnit's self-being had been obliterated, he still had one sliver of emotion left. He knew he had to hide the ring so that no one would ever make the same mistake as he did. Currently, it is unknown where the ring is though it is speculated to be somewhere on Ucharpli as that is where the legend took place.


Goliath is a 200 foot tall mechanical golem built by a Titan craftsmen. It is considered the pinnacle of artificial intelligence - it served as a guardian to the people of Nazaru many eons ago. Goliath could almost be considered a Titan itself as it bore a near-infinite amount of knowledge as well as unfathomable strength. After Alk'charis was razed by solar flares, Goliath survived, yet everyone else perished. After suffering such grief, Goliath buried itself in the sand and waited for someone worthy to reactivate it.

Ring of JormunEdit

The Ring of Jormun (or Shadow Ring) is a Titan artifact created by Jormun, the Khatherian serpent god. It is considered the embodiment of pure stealth. Since it is imbued with the symbol of shadow, wearing the ring will grant the individual to become like Jormun himself - one with the shadows. The ring also has a mind of its own, only appearing whenever it wants to much like a shadow itself. It is unknown where this ring is located, but many theorize that it can be anywhere given that it is made of shadows just like Jormun.

Titanic FactionsEdit

The Guardians of SecretsEdit

The Guardians of Secrets are a widespread group of individuals whom different Titans hand picked to protect all of the unused, and abandoned Titan cities and technology, keeping it a secret so that their vastly supperior weapons would not find their ways into the hands of greedy, tyranical rulers. The Guardians are normal, mortal people from every race in every universe, that live only for their duty to serve their Titan masters.

The Boneyard NecromancersEdit

The Boneyard Necromancers are a cult of psuedo mortals and Ancients who worship Necros, the Titan of undeath. Their home city is called Necropolis. Necromancers are either Ancients or psuedo mortals who have somehow gained the ability to raise and control the dead. While most psuedo mortal necromancers aren't too tought to defeat, there are a few who have a lot of experience and have become incredibly powerful, controlling entire armies of undead hordes. Necromancers are somewhat like collectors, expanding their collection of undead races by adding new species to their hordes.

List of Known TitansEdit

"I" The Titan KingEdit

"Your petty mortal fueds and greed are my worst enemy because I have been forsaken by all I have created for all of the things I have made, you have all forgotten me. You may call me 'I', so that whenever you make a foolishly prideful claim about yourself, you will remember this day, and you will never forget me again."

"I" is the end all be all of all things. It was him who spawned the entire universe into being, it was him who made the Titans who designed the universe. All things in the entirety of existence can trace their existence back to him. No-one understands his existence or how he came to be, and whenever he is asked of this, he simply says, "I exist," or some variation of the phrase. While other Titans can be killed, in their own way, "I" is completely immortal, and can never die. Only the Titans seem to ever know where his pressense is exactly, and the only mortals and psuedo mortals to have ever seen him had to have been around in the old age.


"Dear child, evil exists to balance out the forces of good. That is why I allowed the creation of the Grox. You may attempt to destroy evil if you will, but it must always exist to maintain balance."

Kray is one of the oldest and strongest Titans who helped to bring wisdom and knowledge throughout the galaxy. He is worshipped by many races, most notably the Dhragolon. He is an amorphous being that can appear any way he wants to. It is unknown what his original form looks like, but most of the time, he appears as a white, floating glowing ball of energy. Kray is a rather peaceful Titan, and he seeks to bring balance to the universe though he usually lets the universe take its own course of action. Usually, he dwells in a small dimension consisting only of a blue sky with clouds with no ground below. Kray used to have his own personal servant, the mischievious Uszaroth. However, since Uszaroth sought to unbalance the universe just for pleasure, Kray removed him from his advisor position.

As peaceful Kray is, he has engaged in combat in the far past. He was among the Titans that imprisoned Vernietigen the first time. When Kray is in combat, he takes the form of what is fair for his opponent. Against a single, bipedal opponent, he becomes a heavily armored knight with a sword and shield. Against large creatures, he takes the shape of a fire-breathing dragon with two legs and two wings. In this form, he highly resembles the legendary Garmatox, hence why such creatures are revered in Dhragolon culture.


"Why follow any rules? The ones in charge are making your life boring. Do whatever you want, but try to be clever to make things interesting."

Uszaroth was one of the first Titans to appear in modern times after an occult ritual was performed that released him from his prison. He is one of the weaker Titans, but he is still feared among mortals.

Being 100 feet tall in his true form, Uszaroth has blood red skin and a slinky, thin body along with a set of horns. He is the Titan of Chaos and simply wants to make the universe more interesting by enforcing evil and causing destruction for fun. To achieve this, he has the ability to leap from planet to planet, and he can create objects such as obsidian towers and castles from nothingness.

Long ago, when the Dhragolon were tribal, Uszaroth was Kray's personal servant and advisor. Uszaroth suggested that he introduce his own ideas, but Kray did not approve of them at first. Due to disagreements, Uszaroth was cast down and removed from his position.

Thousands of years after this, Uszaroth descended to Ucharpli in the form of a Dhragolon with red scales to spread his own word to compete with Jamzeze. Eventually, tension between the factions grew resulting in a war. The followers of Jamzeze were the victors and Uszaroth was banished to the Infernal Nether.

Several thousand years later, some Dhragolon performed a ritual to unleash him to wander about the galaxy, but he has since been trapped in another alternate dimension that was created by an ancient Omni warp machine.


"Wherever there is light, there is always a shadow. Do not be afraid of it. Become it."

Jormun is the Titan of Shadows. He is hailed as a minor god in Khather religion, and is often depicted as the shadow of a serpent. Wherever there is a shadow, Jormun can use it as a passage of travel so long as it is connected to other shadows. Generally speaking, he can appear anywhere in the universe at any time, so long as there is a shadow somewhere.

Since Jormun actually is a shadow, he can only be seen wherever there is light, though he can still hide in pitch dark places. Jormun does not have a true form, though when he wishes to communicate, he does indeed take the shape of a serpent. He is one of the only Titans that has remained active since the First Age.

Jormun is neither good nor evil, and he has his own motives which he reveals to no one. However, he wishes that the universe shall continue to exist as he can only manifest himself in the physical world.

Jormun is also in possession of a ring he crafted himself which gives the wearer similar abilities as him.


The last Titan within the ancient city of Arckadium, Na'zrah is the spiritual guide of the Guardians of Secrets in the entire galaxy. Na'zrah is inherently good, but is also a pacifist in its nature. Na'zrah appears to mortals as nothing more than a collection of brightly glowing shards that orbit around a larger glowing shard at its center. Na'zrah is somewhat unique in the fact that it is actually unable to move in the 1st three dimensions, locked in place at the center of the former Titan capital; "I" created him to be an eternal watcher and keeper of the city, shining forever brightly and illuminating the entire city at all times in the old age of the Titans. In modern times, the city is less brightly lit, due to it being underground and Na'zrah's light being blocked by various ruins and rock walls. When Na'zrah was created, "I" gave it the blessing that it's light would always shine the brightest in times of great darkness, being a symbol of hope in hard times for all of those that knew of Na'zrah.


Marana is one of the mightiest Titans, and is considered a god by the Eteno. She has eleven sub-Titan servants that reside in her ethereal fortress above our plane of existence. Marana is the inventor of war, and creator of most of the life in one of the galaxy's main arms. Marana, when not observing her 'child' race, rests in an ethereal fortress defended by immortal warriors manning the towering walls that emerge from inside a massive mountain. A stark contrast to Kray's mostly peaceful ideas, the two can be found arguing their philosophies if said observer were a Titan.


"I am Dominion, keeper of the Old Realm. You stand upon descecrated ground. This was the former home of my kind and I have been told to look after it as a reminder to the rest of us that this universe once existed."

Dominion is the last Titan in the previous universe which existed before the First Age. After Vernietigen, the Titan of Destruction, devoured that universe, or Old Realm, all what was left was a white void of nothingness and the other Titans could not bear to have seen their creations utterly destroyed. Vernietigen was later imprisoned and Dominion was told by the Titan King to look after the Old Realm as a reminder to the other Titans of what would happen to the next universe if it were to be destroyed again.

The only physical thing which still exists in the Old Realm is the interior of a descecrated cathedral which is the single oldest structure in all exitence older than any Titan city. Dominion has the power to create new rooms in the cathedral to test the will of anyone who stumbles upon it. Although he is allowed to create these new rooms, his direct orders coming from the Titan King himself was to never completely rebuild the old universe as that would defeat the purpose. The only entrance to the cathedral is a singularity known as the Void of Answers, a region where all the Titans passed through from the old, ruined universe to the new one.


The Titan of undeath, Necros harnesses the power to extend his power to the dead, bringing them to life and creating undead slaves that are an extension of his will. Necros resides in the Titan city of Necropolis where thousands of Boneyard Necromancers live, along with hundreds of thousands of various forms of undead. Necros's avatar is that of a giant winged humanoid seleton, nearly 50 feet tall, whose structure is composed of the bones of thousands of different creatures. He wears a full set of Eternal armor, and wields a huge Eternal scythe, The Scythe of Undeath. His scythe, breastplate, spaulders, and greaves all bear a Symbol of Necros, that would grant anyone who wears them the power to control the dead should they ever manage to get their hands on them. In addtion, his Scythe is decorated with other symbols (A Symbol of Chaos, a Symbol of Agility, and a Symbol of Strength), and infused the Bones of Frostscyll (Allowing him to summon an avatar of Frostscyll, an Ancient dragon looking creature killed by Necros far back in history, now made undead to serve whoever wields the Scythe of Undeath). He also has a Lite Metal eye marked with an Elemental Symbol of Ice which gives him additional powers to summon and control ice and cold.


"Your creative efforts have not gone unnoticed. Indeed they have spilled into these other, unseen worlds just as your world has been enriched by them."

Initially appearing in Spore after travelling through the black hole at the center of the galaxy, Steve is a Titan that seems to only be in it for the entertainment, enjoying watching mortal races grow and fight one another. He was originally among the last surviving humans who had taken refuge in the Galactic Core after making a former livelihood as a TV commercial pitchman. However, due to warps in the space-time continuum, he had been transformed into a Titan. He has the ability to appear to any who cross the Galactic Core regardless if it was before or after he actually arrived. For example, Steve can meet an alien empire who visited the Galactic Core 5,000 years before he actually got there.


"When I am awakened once more by the shrills of chaos, I shall come forth and devour the stars. I am the death of things. The bane of existence. I am the end of everything, and nothing can stop my fury."

Vernietigen, also known as the Eater of Galaxies, is an immensely powerful Titan rarely acknowledged. Vernietigen is a formless void though most mortals see him as monstrous dinosaur-like creature that is three times the size of a small rocky planet. He was the first Titan, other than the Titan King himself, to be created, being a manifestation of his own anger. After countless ages since the universe first spawned, Vernietigen destroyed it. Being so relentless, Vernietigen continued to devour the creations of the other Titans even if they were peaceful, until the rest of the Titans decided to chain him down with a special material that only breaks if chaos erupts through a galaxy. There have been many times in history where the chains have almost shattered such as the time when the Kklxin destroyed their own galaxy as well as another. Overtime, the chains have weakened their binds. It is currently unknown where Vernietigen is imprisoned though many scholars assume he lies in the core of Arckas.

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