The Tobin Empire were one of the most powerful empires in the galaxy. They were pink bird creatures, with basic hands and feet.

History Edit

The Tobin empire started off in the Civilisation stage and destroyed all other cities on their planet in less than a day. When they entered Space, they got a Warrior trait. The first things they did were simple missions given by their homeworld, but soon they became more powerful and had destroyed over 100 empires within their first month of being in Space. They soon changed their philosophy to Wanderer, and travelled through black holes. They soon met very unique empires but destroyed them. Soon after this, the Tobin allied with the Rattles Empire. They became Omnipotent and entered the Galactic Core. But sadly, the Tobin soon met the Grox and went missing. They have also been seen as Traders across the galaxy.

Military Edit

The Tobin Empire has a very powerful military, led by General Skar. They have Crust Buster spaceships and have planet busters. They have destroyed many planets but were no match for the Grox. During their war with the Grox empire, the Tobin's homeworld was attacked many times, killing thousands of Tobin soldiers. During the last battle of the war, General Skar became insane and detonated a planet buster, destroying himself, the Tobin homeworld and the Grox ships.

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