Average Orbital Distance:

0.92 AU
Orbital Period:

300.001 Traconian Days
Orbital Speed:

Natural Satellites:

3 (Taan, Clor, Katij)
Equatorial Circumference:

10,812.21 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity:

0.894 g
Escape Velocity:

10.027 km/s
Rotational Period:

20 Hours
Axial Tilt:


Minimum Surface Temperature:

Mean Surface Temperature:

Maximum Surface Temperature:

Seasonal Temperature Variation:

Water Percentage:

Atmospheric Composition:

  • N- 65.22%
  • O- 25.9%
  • Ar- 8.6%
  • CO2- 0.01%

Traconia is the home planet of the Tracon, and the capital of the Traconian Alliance It is located in the Tracen system. it is 55% Rain Forest, 25% Plains, 10% Mountainous and 10% Urban. Their are 12 major cities, with Tracii as the capitol, taking up 1/8 of the continent of Jarva. Its oceans cover 60% of the planet, and are notable for being entirely freshwater. It has three natural satellites, and is orbited by multiple defense stations and orbital docking stations. It is the 2nd planet in the system, out of 8, and orbits around a yellow main-sequence star. The sky is colored violet, and the oceans are light blue.

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