Name Makair-class Battlecruiser
Developer Traconian Star Engineering
Race Tracon
Armament 50 heavy Disruptor banks, 100 Point defense laser cannon banks, 50 pulse cannon banks, two Proton missile launchers, two Anti-Plasma Beam Projectors
Size 1. km long, 0.5 km wide, 200 meters thick
Crew 1,410

Forming the bulk of the Tracon fleet (70%), the Makair-class battlecruiser is known across the Alliance for its deadliness, reliability, and toughness. It consists of a large, angular, triangular hull, with a small cylinder behind it, and three engine pods mounted on struts coming off the cylinder. The bridge is at the top of a tower on the back of the triangle-shaped main hull. The bomb bay is mounted on the bottom, for planetary assault. The rest of the weapons are mounted all across the hull. It is equipped with two cloning facilities, allowing a fleet of them to create an army in only a week. A regular sized fleet is made up of six battlecruisers, along with 12 assault frigates as support ships. A border defense fleet, such as the one that protected the colony on Neyor II, consists of one battlecruiser and four frigates. Its crew complement includes 110 gunners, 1000 support crew and 300 Marine Shock troopers, for a total crew of 1,410. It is armed with two Anti-Plasma Beam Projectors, for anti-Capital and anti-Installation assault, and can be charged up for a massive blast capable of "glassing" entire continents.

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