Traconian Bulk-class FrieghterEdit

Developer: Traconian Merchant Authority
Cargo space: 900 tons
Crew: Five
Speed: Interstellar Drive 3
Armament: 1 plasma turret
Cost new: 50,000 sporebucks
Cost used: 20,000 sporebucks
Species: Tracon, and several others.

The Traconian Merchant Authority, wanting to create something better than the average Spice Transport, collaborated for years and produced this. The Bulk Transport is the epitome of functional spice transport. Its main body consists of a rectangular box, where the cargo holds and crew quarters are located. On the front is a small cylinder, containing the cockpit. Mounted on the back are two engines, capable of achieving a maximum speed of ID3. It can hold up to 900 tons in spice, and advances in automation allow it too operate with a crew of five. Its armament however, consists of only one plasma turret, and it must rely on escort to defend from pirates. The TMA fleet now consists almost solely of these ships, and they have begun selling them to other races.

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