Name Ti Escort fighter
Developer Traconian Star Engineering
Race Tracon
Armament 4 pulse cannons, 1 proton missile launcher
Size 6 meters long, 2 meter wide
Crew 1

The Ti-class escort fighter was developed by Traconian Star Engineering to sell to merchants as escorts for their convoys. It is shaped like a delta, with a cockpit on the back of the delta, and 1 engine directly behind the cockpit. It is armed with 4 pulse cannons and a proton rocket launcher, to be able to hold it's own against pirates. They generally come in squadrons of six, using their firepower and maneuverability to hold off pirates while the convoy escapes. It takes one pilot to operate. It however, is only designed to fight pirates, and can't compete with Marinox or Grox ships. Over 80% of these ships made were bought by the Traconian Merchant Authority, to compete with rising pirate activity.

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