Founder Traconian High Council
Date founded 22 AFC
Purpose Protect the Traconian Alliance
Status War (Marinox Empire)
Allied Natrian Empire
Enemies Marinox Empire, Grox Empire
Current leader Grand Admiral Ty Se'coth
Strategy Use large fleets in space, through waves of cloned Neoxon at the enemy on the ground

The Traconian Military was founded 22 years after first contact with the Introi. Its purpose, the same purpose all military's share: destroy the enemy, and defend the Traconian Alliance. The bulk of there fleet consists of Traconian Battlecruisers, supplemented by Battlecarriers, Frigates, and corvetes, as well as a small amount of other types.

Traconian Military RanksEdit

Grand Admiral: 1

High Admiral: 5

Admiral: 20

Sub-Admiral: 40

Fleet Commander: 80

Commander:(no limit)

Subcommander: (no limit)

Lieutenant: (no limit)

Sublieutenant: (no limit)

Ensign: (no limit)

Crewman: (no limit)

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