The Treaty of Karnas was the agreement between the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation and the surviving members of the Dragonslayer Alliance that ended the Second Galactic War.


The Treaty's terms were largely unfair and one-way, which reflected the political landscape of the Galaxy at the time of its signing: The Hunre and Heglareans faced certain annihilation without signing the peace treaty. The following is a brief summarization of each factions agreements:

Karnasaur Agreements:Edit

  1. Cessation of hostilities against the Hunre and Heglarean Empires.
  2. Provision of protected state status to the planets Hunre and Heglarea.
  3. Provision of logistic and military support that Hunre and Heglarean survivors cannor self-produce.
  4. Provision of limited citizen status to all former citizens of the New Hunre Republic and Heglarean Empire.

Dragonslayer Alliance Agreements:Edit

  1. Cessation of hostilities against the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation.
  2. Acceptance of KMF military occupation
  3. Acceptance of peaceful annexation into KMF territory.
  4. Surrender of ownership of all former military property to KMF
  5. Acceptance of expansion ban prohibiting expansion past one planet.


The Treaty allowed the continued existence of the Hunre and Heglarean species, ended the Second Galactic War, and began the Third Age in the Karnasaur Calender of Galactic Ages.

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