Star: Pimin
Moons: 1, Kalci
Atmosphere: 78.08% nitrogen

20.95% oxygen

0.930% argon

0.0402% carbon dioxide

~ 1% water vapor

Diameter: 8,344 miles
Distance From Star: 91.64 million miles
Axial Tilt: 23.3°
Day Length: 28 hours
Year Length: 500 days
Terrascore: T3
Saegon Space Sector: Home Sector
Affiliation: Saegon Empire
Tror & Kalci

Tror & Its Moon, Kalci

Tror is the homeworld of the Saegon, and thus Capital of the Saegon Galactic Federal Republic, referred to as the Saegon Empire. Its sun is Pimin.

With its terraformed moon, Kalci, these two planets help maintain the massive Saegon Empire.

Terrain Edit

Tror is a planet of plains and a select number of dense forest. Its surface is covered in medium-sized oceans and many rivers. Its climate is a constant summer with light rainfall here and there.

Infrastructure Edit

The planets most notable structure is the Saegon Galactic Senate building, a massive dome covering over a mile of land on the surface, with underground tunnels leading 3 miles down. It is here the Saegon Empire's senate, filled with senators from across their territory, meet monthly to discuss matters affecting both the Empire and the senator's worlds, respectively.

There is a total of 10 major cities, with smaller towns and military forts dotting the landscape. There is also a massive space center managing all ships entering and leaving the world's atmosphere.

The planet lacks roads of any kind, excluding paths made for spice collection. The cities, however, are all connected via a massive underground network that the Saegon have built throughout the entirety of the planets mantel. It is here that the majority of the inhabitants spend their time, as most shops and companies lie here in mind of a possible aerial attack should one occur.

Only the Senate building has a separate underground complex.

There are also dams built at the mouths of lakes and rivers for hydroelectricity, which aids Tror's planetary core thermogenerators.

Saegon Space Sectors

Tror is located in the "Home Sector"

Military Edit

The Saegon Empire, in and of itself a military, is occasionally called the Tror Armed Forces, often by foreign factions referencing the strong aspect of war in Saegon culture.

However, Tror utilizes its own unique branch of armed forces, consisting of:

  • The Tror Defense Fleet (Space)
  • The Tror Surface Defense Force (Land)
  • The Tror Air Force (Air)
  • The Tror Water Defense Fleet (Technically part of the Department of Water Defense & Spice Collection)
  • The Tror Elite Task Force (Spec Ops)
  • Tror's Warriors (Militia/non-active soldiers)

Trivia Edit

  • Tror has only seen large scale conflict twice. Once during the War for Tror, and the second being an attempted invasion by the Grox, which was also the third battle of the war between the Saegon & Grox.
  • Tror's atmosphere is identical to Earth's.
  • Kalci is believed to be a former large asteroid that hit Pimin and bounded off into Tror's orbit billions of years ago.
  • The planet's core is connected to thermal power plants that provide energy to the entirety of the world.
    • The plants are also assisted by hydroelectric dams, though they only count for a mere 12% of consumption.