Umbra Castra is a member of the Altusian Brotherhood who is stationed on the planet Herit at a luxurious hotel. It is unknown what he does there, though he is suspected to serve as some sort of lookout. He is 140 years old, one of the youngest members of the Brotherhood.


A cel-shade drawing of Umbra

Known InformationEdit

Umbra is very casual, laid back and rather cocky - quite contrary to the majority of Dhragolon. He was selected to be part of the Brotherhood because of his potential as a possessor though he cares very little for the Brotherhood's causes. He merely says a few rude comments and insults to the victim causing them to lose control of their emotions making him a suspected Uszarothian. Nonetheless, he seems to enjoy his job as after all, he gets a post in a luxurious hotel.

Not much else is known, and more will be uncovered once Operation:Money Cushion goes underway. This will be the first Altusian Brotherhood the GSSOC team will attempt to capture, though Ahrganot Skiszgo came across a corrupted Dhragolon who was not known to be part of the Brotherhood at the time.

Hotel RoomEdit

On Herit, Umbra lives in a room he personally decorated himself. The room is guarded by androids on the outside. The inside however looks nothing like the rest of the hotel. The room is dimly lit by braziers and looks like an alchemist lab where symbols for occult rituals are decorated on the walls. Just being in the room gives one a chill down their spine. It also gives out a dark, brooding feeling for any psychics. Although this was how GSSOC discovered the room, it is rather suspicious. Was Umbra luring them?

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