The Universal Positioning System (UPS) is a series of relays created by members of the Galactic Senate. These relays are scattered across the most populated sectors of the galaxy with more than two million located across Senate Territory. The UPS allows circumvention of the immense distances radio signals have to travel through space allowing data to be transferred quickly. These signals can then be interpreted by a UPS device which can be used for travel on planets even without satellites in orbit.

When a UPS device is turned on, it requests information located at a central data base at the Senate Capital. (The relays themselves do not contain the information). The information is relayed to the desired location, and a map of the planet is loaded on the relay. This process usually takes longer if the planet is farther away from the central data base so instant communication via these relays is still impractical as of now.

The relays also clear any data that is twenty four hours old to prevent any possible hacking attempts.


Construction of these relays began shortly after the end of the First Grox War by the Eteno and other Senate races. Relays are still being added to the network even today in hopes of covering the entire galaxy.

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