The Wolforum are peaceful races who try to spread the news of peace and end war. In
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The Evolution of the Wolforum

reality, they are lazy and cruel. They colonize planets unannounced through bribes or persuation, such as Grell, and have the inhabitance do all the work while the Wolforum get the glory and money. The Bonda are very annoyed with them, but, due to their kind nature, never voice their frustration. The Wolforum use mystical powers in battle, such as element controling. However, they mostly just blind the opponet with light and attempt to flee or regroup. If a large group of them get together (42 or so) they can perform the Super Peace Ray, that cleanses the planet of negative thoughts, and uses these thoughts to destroy buildings, disable power, or anti-terraform.. However, the Wolforum are to lazy, and endangered to use this frequentley. The main reason for their endangerment is their immortality. They can live on for

A Creature Stage Wolforum

theroreticaly forever as long as no outside force kills them, but most are so old that they are incapable of reproduction. Now they choose to have the protection of other races, since a war would meen extinction. Their immortaliy is caused by their cells, which can constantly regenerate themselves. However, this process requeres a large amount of energy. To get this energy, their bodies steal nutrience from their organs, causing them to degrade over time.

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