Yanyarigan is an unusual star system formerly owned by the Dhragolon, having recently been purchased by the Eteno. It consists of a protostar as well as various debris within a massive cloud of dust. It is unattractive for colonization by other races as the dust cloud repels radio signals, making exploration without Telepathic Amplifiers difficult.



Yanya is a rocky planet which contains a powerful Omni artifact: an engine capable of instantaneous travel to anywhere in the galaxy. The Dhragolon have studied it in attempts to reverse engineer it, but have been unsuccessful so far. So far, activities on Yanya are classified as such a powerful artifact in the wrong hands could bring doom to the galaxy. Later, however, the planet was captured by the Eteno, and the device was eventually used to stop a superpowerful creature known as Uszaroth destroying the machine in the process.


Asteroid ZetaEdit

Asteroid Zeta is an unusually large asteroid at the edge of the system. The rock contains some desposits of iron and gold though it has not been colonized by the Dhragolon. However, the Katrakhan Mor'Leedhr took refuge here after the Siege of Elariun after disabling a Genodraco sphere under control by the Kklxin.

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