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Nitrili Zarg Ab Aath

Nitrili (Private)


Craft Commanded:

Service to:

Delson Empire

"Let the victor be justice." - Zarg Ab Aath's catchphrase.

Zarg ab Aath is a Delson soldier.


(Will come if able to use him in this site's Fiction)


As with most Delsons, Zarg Ab Aath is aggressive, but well-meaning. This means that he'll help out someone in trouble, but will fight savagely. He's not very social and will occasionally be seen in the corner of whatever room he's in, minding his own business.

Like most Delsons, he's a skilled predator and gets very antsy if he's interuped while tracking something.

Name OriginEdit

Zarg Ab Aath's name means 'Redeeming Judgement' in Delseo. Ironically, it also means 'Judgement of a Warrior' in Xenolich.


  • Zarg ab Aath's name comes from Judge Zargabaath, a character from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Zarg Ab Aath's catchphrase is commonly used by User:IceBite: for his Hellcat Squadran Character IceBite and his DnD Character Gault Berkut the Thri-Kreen being 2 common examples. The quote originated from Ace Combat 0's Gault Squadron, the origin of Gault Berkut's name and behavior.

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