Zovi is a Red Dwarf star in The Roargana Cluster. Although the gas giant's many asteroid-sized satellites are rich in raw materials useful for building many things, no colony is yet situated in the system despite it having 5 planets with the materials and 2 gas giants with these small orbiting asteroids, along with large rings.

This is because the Zovi system is mostly inhospitable, having extreme solar flare activity which interferes with most guidance systems. This usually causes visting spacecraft to fly into nearby asteroids and moons.

Planet: Type: Terrascore: Moons: Inhabitants: Colonies:
Zidni Lava Planet T0 None None None
Zendo Rocky Planet T0, T0 Zeiton None None
Sular Ice Planet T0 None None None
Jontia Ice Planet T0 None None None
Sinaero Gas Giant None None None None
Aetlfes Rocky Planet T0 None None None
Entonis Gas Giant None None None None

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